Susan Pope, R.D.H. – Dental Hygienist

Susan has been a dental hygienist since 2003 and is truly one of a kind. She is originally from Greensboro, NC but now lives in Rock Hill, SC.

If you ask Susan, she will not hesitate to assure you that you are in the right place. She has been with Dr. Lemmons for 3 years and she plans to continue her career right here at Lemmons Dental Associates due to Dr. Lemmons` comprehensive approach with his patients and due to her role in their treatment and oral health. Her hour commute to work is a testimony for her love of this specific practice. Susan values the fact that Dr. Lemmons can perform most dental procedures here in the office, whereas other dentists may have to refer their patients to other offices for a variety of procedures.

Susan is incredible at educating her patients about preventing gum disease, and she sincerely grows with her patients who may need to revive their overall oral health. She makes the process seem like a breeze and praises her patients as they accomplish their goals. Susan endeavors to give her patients the most comprehensive and fun appointment possible. Her ability to put an apprehensive patient at ease is amazing and truly comforting for the patient.

When Susan is not working, she enjoys international travel with her husband, being a loving mother and role model for four children, and working out.

Marie Hatley – Front Desk Coordinator

Marie is the warm smile that greets you when you walk through the door. She works the front desk and acts as the heart beat of our dental office. Marie is responsible for all your phone calls, your scheduling, verification of your insurance, and all your financial matters with the practice. She is always happy to answer any of your questions and to help you in any other way she can. Marie was born and raised in Charlotte and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She loves spending time with her family, especially babysitting her niece and nephew. She enjoys running, attending outdoor concerts, and taking her two dogs Louie and Lola to the dog park.

Rebecca Bretz – Dental Assistant

Rebecca is a Florida native who has now been in Charlotte for over 5 years. Florida beaches and palm trees are still a big part of her life because most of her family is still there and she will drive for the sunshine! Coming to North Carolina was one of the best decisions Rebecca has ever made because it began her love for dentistry. Just by sparking up a conversation, you can see the radiant glow of the passion that drives and motivates her to continue her education in dentistry. Rebecca has a very caring and kind heart and only wants her patients to gain the best experience possible. She will talk you through any procedure and make sure your comfort is at its ideal satisfaction. Other than teeth, Rebecca puts her passion into everything she does which includes – but is not limited to – scuba diving, fishing, catching waves on her jet ski, hiking through the mountains, shooting pool, family gatherings, biking, horseback riding, roller coasters, any sports and new adventures!